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Our Mission

Meet Some of Our Members

We believe that artists play a vital part in the society. Our purpose in forming this community of artists is to unite, inspire and support artists across the USA through application of the Hubbard ® Management System, which is based on the works of humanitarian, artist and administrator, L. Ron Hubbard.  


Too many talented artists today are struggling to make their living from their art but are lacking the needed business and marketing skills to bring about financial success.  Sadly, this is not something that is taught to artists in academic circles. Our Mission is to change this.  


We believe all artists can flourish and prosper at their craft

and can change the world.

Our Mission


Every week Artists from different parts of the country come together via Zoom to empower and push each other to succeed using Mr. Hubbard's Business Model. As a result, every week these artists are making forward progress towards their goals. 


We provide information and links to resources for artists. 


We know that artists can bring about positive change in the world by exposing inequities, taking positive action regarding human rights and helping youth to find a voice of creativity and purpose.  We provide inspirational examples of individual artists and groups who are bringing this about. 

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Who is a Member? 

Any artist, working or participating in any genre, can be part of our community, use the knowledge we make available and attend our events.  


What does EMA Artists USA offer its members? 

We regularly share insights, tips and quotes from the writings of Mr. Hubbard. 

Members study the basic administrative teachings of the Hubbard Management System and team up with other members to help each other put those principles into use. 

We offer individual mentoring to artists from others who successfully use the Hubbard® Management System in their art career. 

We provide a monthly newsletter which includes news and activities about EMA Artists USA. 

Monthly webinars are given by artists and marketing professionals relating to the topic of successfully making a stable living from ones art. 

How this group came to be:

At the core of this community is a small group of art professionals who recently join forces with other artists who have also found success through an understanding of the business side of the art world.  We formed Effective Management Association (EMA) Artists USA which is dedicated to helping artists to flourish and prosper across the USA through application of the Hubbard® Management System. This system is based on the works of humanitarian, artist and administrator, L. Ron Hubbard. 

Members of EMA Artists USA are members of WISE, a membership organization made up of entrepreneurs, business executives and professionals from every continent on Earth. Established in 1979, WISE serves to unite all individuals and organizations that use the Hubbard Administrative Technology in the world of commerce. WISE also provides the weekly BusinessWISE podcast for entrepreneurs interested in expanding through learning and applying the management system discovered and developed by humanitarian, philosopher, and administrator, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. BusinnessWISE podcast >>>.

The WISE membership is organized into local chapters called “Effective Management Associations” or “EMAs”.  Under the banner of WISE, EMAs  focus on uniting  and training business executives, entrepreneurs, rising senior managers and employees at every level with the proven methods, insights and resources to grow their business consistently, year after year. 

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