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Artists Success Stories


"My number one stable datum from the Hubbard ® Management System for my business has always been about the importance of promotion, or outflow, based on the below quote. It is one of the basic essentials that I intentionally make a priority and which has fueled the marketing efforts of my brand.


“Outflow is holier, more moral, more remunerative and more effective than inflow. ”This is from an article entitled OUTFLOW which can be found in Volume 0 of the Organization Executive Course (OEC).


Shortly after starting my business in 2012, I realized that the amount of outflow I thought I had to put out to get inflow (sales) was way more than I had ever imagined. I had grossly underestimated the sheer volume of outflow needed, as well as how often I had to send it. At first, I found this daunting, but I'm so glad I confronted it in the beginning, rather than years down the road. From that point forward I was a content creating machine. I took more photographs of my jewelry, posted daily on Instagram and Facebook and blogged regularly on my website. I started collecting emails and sending out an email newsletter. Additionally, I began doing in-person events and shows that catered to my typical buyer. I basically said yes to any opportunity to get out there and display my jewelry to anyone and everyone.


As I consistently worked on the above types of outflow my sales went up, and up, AND UP!I course I discovered things that worked and didn't work, but that was part of the process of fine tuning my outflow. The most important thing was just getting it out there because if I didn't, I would have nothing to fine tune. Any time my sales have gone down I can trace it back to not outflowing enough in the prior weeks leading up to the down statistic. Being able to confront that helps me keep my discipline in on organizing my marketing efforts so that we always have content lined up and ready to go each week, never skipping a beat. I've grown Katie Dean Jewelry from a side hustle that I started in a closet under my stairs into my full time career and I know I'll continue to flourish and prosper as I implement more administrative technology into my business.


Endless thanks to Mr. Hubbard for discovering and sharing this technology." ~Katie Dean


"As a founding partner of Great American Art, I wanted to share our success story using the Hubbard Management System. Great American Art began forty years ago with a couple of guys going door to door in downtown Boston selling fine art photography. It is now a multi-million-dollar corporation selling art both nationally and internationally and is presently one of the largest commercial art companies serving the healthcare industry.

Great American has also been an industry leader in evidenced based design, a design sensibility that incorporates art in the healing process. The question becomes: how’d we do it? The answer is the Hubbard Management System. It gave us a blueprint for expansion. It provided tools that enabled us to correctly analyze, and program for expansion. If our growth slowed down, it provided guideposts to restart our expansion, tools to uncover and remove stops blunting our growth.

LRH Administrative Technology handles all aspects of business: sales, marketing, PR, human resources, ethics, mission statements, goal finding, correction, etc. It removes any mystery, stops the guesswork, for any enterprise because it is all based on natural laws as discovered by L. Ron Hubbard. Our growing, expanding company is the direct result of rigorously adhering to the tenets of LRH Administrative Technology. Whatever condition your company is in, LRH Administrative technology will give you the tools to make your business dreams come true."

Curt Strickland

"In preparing for a workshop, I have found that using what I have learned from Hubbard's management policies on organization, gradients of learning so one skill builds to the next, as well as being productive has helped me to have very successful workshops. In addition, the knowledge I have gained in studying the tone scale on human emotion and how life gets handled based on those emotions, helps me to handle students so they have wins in class and build confidence in themselves as an artist."

Marlene Glickman

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 1.24.04 PM.png

"I can say without hesitation that joining EMA Artists has been one of my wisest decisions as an artist. Although I am a high-volume producer as a poet, I lacked a precise path to follow on the business side of my career. The references, conferences and encouragement I have experienced so far have me zeroing-in on the actions I need to take to make an impact in my field, and to get paid for it! Another benefit has been the fact that any of the counter-efforts (internal or external) which have gotten in my way are becoming more visible and therefore more accessible to handle. I have a ways to go yet, but I know I'm on the road to success. Thanks to Leisa Collins, Misha Crews and all the members of EMA Artists for supporting their fellow artists with such care."

Kevin Johnson

(writing as Ayden Drake) 

"Before I started working with EMA Artists, I was in total non-existence as an artist. I hadn’t finished a novel in seven years, and had barely managed to complete a short story or two in that same time frame. Becoming a member of this group has completely revitalized me. In the past year, not only have I completed and published a new novel (which currently has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon), I am actually making money from my art again. The fact that this group is run as a co-operative, with all the members contributing, has been vital in my success, because in addition to taking responsibility for my own art, I am helping to take responsibility for the art of others. All facets of my life have improved since I started with this group. I absolutely love it, and I am so grateful to our members for helping me to get here."

Misha Crews

Misha Crews.jpg

"While I have been operating successfully as an artist for the last decade, since becoming the director of EMA Artists USA earlier this year, I have upped my game and executed expansion plans. This has included the release of a coffee table book featuring my architectural paintings in all 50 states. The book has been covered in the media and I have really gotten active on social media for the first time. This has led to being interviewed on major artist entrepreneur podcasts which has enabled me to share my successful actions with other artists."


Leisa Collins

"Using the Model of Admin Know-How helps me to focus on the business side of art and gives me the tools I need for organized activity and expansion."

 Astrid Reeves

Astrid Reeves.jpg
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