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"Providence Sunset" by artist and WISE Member Curt Strickland Photography. View more of Curt's work at

08.17.21 Edie Dean, Looking Down the Road at Emory's Farm, Plein Air.png
08.10.21 Edie Dean,, West Case Road - Saturday Paintings.png
03.01.21 Tea with a View Still Life, Leisa Collins Art with LRH Quote.jpg
03.31.21 Paris Fusion of Old and New, pen and watercolor painting by artist and Scientolog
04.07.21 70s Dreamscape by Astrid Reeves.png
08.24.21 Natalie Lundeen Artwork.png
04.21.21 Cara Dunning.png
04.14.21 _Day by Day_ Pieces of Life_ Marlene Glickman.png
04.26.21 Marlene Glickman.png
03.23.21 Curt Strickland Photography with LRH Quote updated.png
06.01.21 Taj Mahal Through the Mist by Leisa Collins, Scientology 8-80 quote.png
05.25.21 Choppy by Astrid Reeves, Scientology 0-8 quote.png
05.16.21 Cara Dunning, Creation of Human Ability quote.png
05.11.21 At the Cafe 800 Book Cover by Misha Crews, with Fundamentals of Thought quote.png