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Effective Management Association Newsletter - March 2022

Message from the Director

Even at a young age, I knew I would become a full-time artist. Through the wisdom of L. Ron Hubbard, I achieved that goal, but I also came to realize that art and aesthetics provides the artist with the capacity to love and find happiness both for self and others. EMA Artists USA is devoted to helping artists build their own wand to use in creating magic and beauty, through their art and within their surroundings. We welcome all artists wishing to build their own environment and achieve success to join us in this endeavor.

– Leisa Collins


FEATURED ARTIST - Anne Strickland

Anne Strickland is CEO of Great American Art, a company which has been providing turn-key art and evidence-based design solution to businesses of every shape, size and budge, nation-wide for over 40 years.

Using the Hubbard Management System gives me unshakable stable datums. One example is keeping statistics which measure production in the company. I know where we are expanding and where we are contracting and can continue the actions that are working while discontinuing the actions that are not working. Every person in my company has a statistic and a quota and their bonus program is tied to their personal production as well as to the main statistics of the company. Stats take the guesswork out of running a business. They deal only in facts and allow me to be cause in growing my company.

As the CEO, I apply the principle of specifically naming, wanting and getting the products we are going for every single day. Sales don't just happen—we have to make them happen. So it's important that my sales staff are following up on every cycle of action and are naming out what projects are going to sell every week. I know every step of every project and if I'm not actively pushing each project to the next step, sales simply don't occur in the quantity needed. Every day, often 2-3 times a day, I am naming out the sales for that day, for the next day, for the week and for the month. And like magic, it always works!

Whether you are managing a business with many staff or simply have your own art business, it takes a lot of discipline. There are so many possibilities. There are also so many distractions. Applying Mr. Hubbard's administrative technology keeps us on an honest, stable path. We ensure we continue to do the things that work while piloting new things and adding those actions if they improve the general statistics. And most of all, WE THINK BIG! Do your Administrative Scale. Go after BIG goals and BIG purposes. Create BIG effects!

Anne Strickland




I love being part of this group. Every week, we get to focus on our art, share wins and cheer each other on! Nowhere else can I be with other like-minded artists!

Rachel Rausch-Johnson


I've been in a few groups during my lifetime and found many to be somewhat arduous and unfulfilling. And yet I still found myself yearning to be a part of one. But something was missing. When I took the leap to join EMA Artists it wasn't long before I realized what that missing something was and why my other experiences were less than expected.

I have since realized that being in a group that is in alignment with my purpose in life, makes each step I take toward my dreams, that much more powerful. Additionally, having the support of like-minded individuals who have a common goal and purpose fuels my engine of creativity.

Gail Coleman


I get so much out of being part of this group and gain incredibly from the services they offer. For example, I absolutely loved an in-depth seminar on the Admin Scale recently. I swear, when I wrote down my Valuable Final Product of what I produce as an artist, I could physically feel shifts in my universe and simple, doable solutions presented themselves to me, as long-standing problems unraveled and disappeared.

Jamie Martin


It's lovely to belong to a group of artists that help one another to accomplish their Art as a Career dream. It helps me to push through cycles that would have been delayed. I'm more A to B because of it and my art sales have increased!

Leigh Ann Edrich


A captured-moment glimmer’s eye, A shudder or caress, A mystery or romanced spy, Another thought’s undress The artist pens and brushes From imagination’s well, To conjure wondrous blushes In the audience he’ll spell Such magic leaps from every stage The boardwalk master strides— The script, the backdrop of each page Commands us as he glides.

Ayden Drake ©2022 Kevin Johnson EMA Artists USA member


"Love is an intensity of happiness addressed in a certain direction."

- L. Ron Hubbard

Self Analysis, page 151


This group is part of the network of Effective Management Associations (EMA)

If you would like to be part of EMA Artists USA or get further information, contact Misha at: emaartistsusa@gmailcom ~ 540-251-4452


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