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Effective Management Association Newsletter - October 2021

Message from the Director

Even at a young age, I knew I would become a full-time artist. Through the wisdom of L. Ron Hubbard, I achieved that goal, but I also came to realize that art and aesthetics provides the artist with the capacity to love and find happiness both for self and others. EMA Artists USA is devoted to helping artists build their own wand to use in creating magic and beauty, through their art and within their surroundings. We welcome all artists wishing to build their own environment and achieve success to join us in this endeavor.

-- Leisa Collins



My number one stable datum from the Hubbard Management System for my business has always been about the importance of promotion, or outflow, based on the below quote. It is one of the basic essentials that I intentionally make a priority, and which has fueled the marketing efforts of my brand.

“Outflow is holier, more moral, more remunerative and more effective than inflow.”

This is from an article entitled OUTFLOW which can be found in Volume 0 of the Organization Executive Course (OEC).

Shortly after starting my business in 2012, I realized that the amount of outflow I thought I had to put out to get inflow (sales) was way more than I had ever imagined. I had grossly underestimated the sheer volume of outflow needed, as well as how often I had to send it.

From that point forward I was a content creating machine. I took more photographs of my jewelry, posted daily on Instagram and Facebook and blogged regularly on my website. I started collecting emails and sending out an email newsletter. Additionally, I began doing in-person events and shows that catered to my targeted buyer. I said yes to any opportunity to promote and display my jewelry to anyone and everyone.

As I consistently worked on the above types of outflow my sales went up, and up, AND UP! I discovered things that worked and didn't work, but that was part of the process of fine tuning my outflow.

Any time my sales have gone down I can trace it back to not outflowing enough in the prior weeks leading up to the down statistic. I've grown Katie Dean Jewelry from a side hustle that I started in a closet under my stairs into my full time career and I know I'll continue to flourish and prosper as I implement more administrative technology into my business. Endless thanks to Mr. Hubbard for discovering and sharing this technology.

Katie Dean

Founder | Designer



In preparing for a workshop, I have found that using what I have learned from Hubbard's management policies on organization, gradients of learning so one skill builds to the next, as well as being productive has helped me to have very successful workshops. In addition, the knowledge I have gained in studying the tone scale on human emotion and how life gets handled based on those emotions, helps me to handle students so they have wins in class and build confidence in themselves as an artist.

Marlene Glickman


Before I started working with EMA Artists, I was in total non-existence as an artist. I hadn’t finished a novel in seven years, and had barely managed to complete a short story or two in that same time frame. Becoming a member of this group has completely revitalized me. In the past year, not only have I completed and published a new novel (which currently has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon), I am actually making money from my art again. The fact that this group is run as a co-operative, with all the members contributing, has been vital in my success, because in addition to taking responsibility for my own art, I am helping to take responsibility for the art of others. All facets of my life have improved since I started with this group. I absolutely love it, and I am so grateful to our members for helping me to get here.

Misha Crews


While I have been operating successfully as an artist for the last decade, since becoming the director of EMA Artists USA earlier this year, I have upped my game and executed expansion plans. This has included the release of a coffee table book featuring my architectural paintings in all 50 states. The book has been covered in the media and I have really gotten active on social media for the first time. This has led to being interviewed on major artist entrepreneur podcasts which has enabled me to share my successful actions with other artists.

Leisa Collins

Check out Leisa’s most recent podcast, Artist Business Plan Podcast, where she gives tips re growing and maintaining a niche art market.



Who invented flickering–

Those winking scenes upon the screens

Of instants we perceive?

Who discovered cinema–

Perceptions colored by the dreams

Of scripts our minds receive?

Who reveals infinity–

The drama and the comedy

Of lives their arts conceive?

They, the writers! Blessed by fresh

Imaginings which only gods achieve.

Ayden Drake ©2021

(Kevin Johnson)

EMA Artists USA member



Cartoon by Steve Gill

Every artist who has ever been part of outdoor art fairs can relate to this cartoon by Steve Gill, an EMA Artist member who has spent the last 40 years traveling to shows all over the United States, selling his work. The piece was inspired after Steve took part in an art show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A photographer, totally new to the outdoor art fair scene, set up a gleaming booth with beautifully framed photos and hundreds of prints to sell. He had obviously spent thousands of dollars on this presentation, however he sold virtually nothing. Why? He did not survey first to find out if his work was something those attending the fair would buy.


"In life, the only real guarantee

of survival is abundance."

- L. Ron Hubbard

Self Analysis, page 20


This group is part of the network of Effective Management Associations (EMA)

If you would like to be part of EMA Artists USA or get further information, contact Misha at: emaartistsusa@gmailcom ~ 540-251-4452


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